One hot June afternoon, with the light filtering softly through a window in my workshop, I threw off the timeworn sheet covering the antique dresser and millions of specks of dust sparkled in the sun’s rays.

It smelt of varnish, and aged wood. I made myself an iced-tea, put an old record on the vintage record-player and sat and thought. And remembered… it had been so long since I had last done that.

I looked around at every spot: where she used to hang her paintbrushes; her oil paints; that painting that I had never liked; the shelf where she used to put the cuttings of plants she would find in small glass pots; her wooden table where we would spend hours playing chess; those traditional beams and that trunk…

The trunk where she would keep a dozen or so dresses which I loved to dream were her.

Now, after all these years, I find myself sitting here again, rediscovering every crack in the wall, every trace of art that she left behind and I want to stay for as long as I need, here, in the L’Atelier.

L’Atelier, the most intimate collection by Salvatore Plata, where art at its most free comes to life again and inspires every piece.

2020 has changed our perspective on life and above all has shown us, as the rudest wake-up call, what we are capable of—capable of getting the best out of ourselves—and has given us the time to get to know ourselves again and give full rein to our creativity.

L’Atelier is a memory full of colours, smells, textiles, light and shadow, longings and dreams viewed through art, which has inspired our new collection in such a striking way.

Art understood as creative expression, as something that we all possess in one way or another, primitive and free.

Paint-stained hands, glazes, gold leaf, the jug of roses next to the window, rainy summer afternoons, church bells and that old typewriter.

All in a idyllic setting, the workshop we would all like to have, a space in which you can rest your mind, paint, dance and of course, create.