We present the new Salvatore Plata 2023/24
Fall-Winter collection: a tribute to the eternal
nature of art, beauty, and ancestral cultures

We know that the past still has much to offer us when it comes
to creating jewelry for our times. That’s why we’ve gone back
to the source for inspiration. The birth of jewelry, those
fascinating cultures of antiquity, and the magnificence of
ancient Egypt were especially captivating to us.

And, from this journey to the past, we’ve brought back
iconic elements of ancient jewelry to create pieces
that capture the magic and mystery of those eras.
Intricate designs and elaborate details for pieces
that reflect a perfect fusion of history and modernity.

A new collection that pays tribute to the beauty and
symbolism of ancestral pieces, where each one is a
testament to our passion for reliving the grandeur of
the past to reinterpret it and bring it into the present.

Enjoy discovering the influence of ancient Egypt in new lines
like Nile, where gold is the undisputed protagonist, along with
a very special anthracite gray plating. Nefer, where the spectacular
beauty of the intense pinks, emerald greens, and blues shines brightly
in contemporary and very feminine designs. Or Ninfa, with
dragon flybrooches that connect us to water deities.
Familiar lines like Life in Gold, Jungle, and Lights also
drink from this inspiration, revisiting the most authentic and genuine
qualities of ancient jewelry. And, of course, the new Salvatore Plata collection
just had to include our essential pieces. Balanced, that eagerly
anticipated line each season, in pastel colors with unmistakable
designs in rhodium-plated designs. Bamboo,Salvatore Plata’s
lightest line, which continues to add color to its pieces.

Minijewels, with plenty of new items and special accessories, like
HE cufflinks for her. The latest from Miscellany, where straight lines
rule in Salvatore Plata’s customizable pieces. And, naturally, several
collections for brides-to-be and wedding guests.