Minijewels Enamel

Now, necklaces with tiny enamel beads and bracelets to match the entire MINIJEWELS ENAMEL collection!

Remember our Punch hoops in gold-plated sterling silver with coloured enamel? Then you don’t want to miss the most eagerly awaited NEW IN piece: small crosses with coloured tips, two sizes of earrings and matching necklaces, earrings with chains and enamel cones, and hoop earrings with coloured enamel fronts, and matching necklaces, bracelets and anklets! All combinable with our simple enamel rings. Truly charming!

In white enamel, we also have two delicate Love necklaces, the small polyhedral heart pendant, that fits close to the neck, and the perfect necktie necklace, with points and arrow tips. All you need is love!