Our most organic line is back and full of new pieces, from gold-plated sterling silver, with small colored natural stones, gorgeous baroque pearl earrings and necklaces, to large, sensuous earrings.

Our “must” in the Organic line is the restyle of one of our most attractive earrings, the Sol model, which comes with its matching ring and necklace. Crafted in gold- and ruthenium-plated sterling, with natural tourmaline and turquoise stones. Jewelry with artisanal work adapted to the most exquisite tastes.

Copper turquoise, with copper veins running through it, is one of our favorite stones. We’ve selected several colors, but we love the burgundy and the mojave, which provides a very special shade of purple.

This season you have plenty of Organic to choose from: fine hoops in different sizes with tiny stones and small pearls, with matching necklaces and bracelets.

If you’re looking for silver earrings with natural stones and lots of color, you’ll love these two Organic designs:

Pink hydrothermal tourmaline, amethyst and burgundy copper turquoise

Pink hydrothermal tourmaline, amethyst and mojave copper turquoise

Choosing won’t be easy!

Pearls add beauty to this very natural line with three earring and two double necklace designs. The hoop earrings with tiny pearls are outstanding, perfect for combining with simple pearls.