Boldness and elegance join forces to shine in a unique collection: GLOW.

Designs in gold-plated sterling silver with calabrote links that combine coloured enamels with zircon paves. In both the full calabrote choker and its simpler necklace designs, we see the strong imprint of colour Salvatore Plata is known for.

Attractive bracelets and whimsical earrings in a variety of models. The ones with a single link, available in all colours and also in zircon pave, are especially striking. And, of course, the lovely matching rings, which will be a temptation for many this season.

We also highlight the full chain necklace and bracelet, plated in ruthenium, with purple enamel and white zircons. You’ll also fall in love with their matching earrings! Glow is eminently combinable, which makes it very versatile and enticing.