Necklaces with big natural stones at the centre such as rubies, hydrothermal green tourmaline or the special water-blue larimar. Surrounded by reconstructed peridots, rubies and amethysts on a chain that also has unevenly sized stones. Combine the open rings with spectacular matching earrings! What makes these pieces stand out are the different finishes in gold, silver and ruthenium that make these Organic sets really unique.

Very flattering silver drop earrings. Plated in gold and ruthenium, they combine rubies, green tourmaline and the enigmatic larimar and peach moonstone with reconstructed natural stone in the clasp area. Matching double rings that team an unevenly sized stone with a band ring made from reconstructed natural stones, plated in either gold or ruthenium.

The long necklaces from the Organic line are always a must whatever you’re wearing! This season we’re combining them with greens, apricot, water-blue, pink, amethyst and greys in different stones such as amazonite, rutilated quartz, pink tourmaline, peach moonstone and larimar. They can also be perfectly combined with the simple hook-clasp earrings or any other piece from the Organic line.

These long necklace designs with blue stones such as aquamarines, amethysts, and pink tourmalines with matching bracelets are also ruthenium-plated.

And, last but not least, here are the new colours of one of our top sellers: the mini-stud earrings with matching rings. They are sold individually and are ideal for your second hole.

Choose between the different stones and, of course, mix and match!